Energy-saving Hydraulic Units

Sophisticated energy-saving servo controlled hydraulic units incorporating Daikin’s original high-efficiency IPM motors.


Piston Pumps

Series of piston pumps characterized by low noise, high efficiency, and high reliability.

  • V series Piston Pump
  • VZ series Piston Pump

Motor Pump

Motor pump series that integrate a V series piston pump and an electric motor in one body.

  • M Series Motor Pumps

Rotor Pumps

Series of rotor pumps that integrate an electric motor with an internal piston mechanism and are characterized by low noise, a compact design, low pulsation, and high reliability, with consideration for CE compliance.

RP series Rotor Pumps

Vane Pumps

Series of vane pumps characterized by low noise and high reliability.

  • DE Series Compact Medium-pressure Vane Pump
  • DEV Series Medium-pressure Cartridge Type Vane Pump

Directional Control Valves I

Series of directional control valves used to control the direction of hydraulic oil flow, such as solenoid valves.

  • Low-watt Type Solenoid Valve
  • Low-watt Type Solenoid Valve

Pressure Control Valves

Series of valves used to control hydraulic pressure such as relief valves and reducing valves.

  • Type C2 Low-pressure Relief Valve
  • Direct Operated Relief Valve (type JR, for remote control)

Flow Control Valves

Series of valves used to control the flow rate of hydraulic oil, such as flow control valves and throttle valves.

  • Flow Control Valves
  • Flow Control Valves and Flow Control Valves with Check Valve (with Pressure/Temperature Compensation Control)

Directional Control Valves II

Series of directional control valves used to control the direction of hydraulic oil flow, such as check valves.

  • Inline Check Valve
  • Right-angle Check Valve

Modular Stack Valves

Stacking type control valves whose controlling units are modularized.

  • 02 Series Stacking Type Relief Valves
  • 02 Series Stacking Type Pressure Reducing Valves

Proportional Valves/Servo Valves

Proportional valves: servo valves and their drivers used to control pressure or flow rate in proportion to electrical signals.

  • Solenoid Pilot Operated Proportional Relief Valve
  • Solenoid Operated Proportional Relief Valve

C2/C4 Multi-purpose Valves

Control valves with a built-in cartridge main valve that have been highly integrated to achieve high density and ease of use.

  • Type C2 Low-pressure Relief Valve
  • Type C2 Solenoid Operated Low-pressure Relief Valve

Oil Cooler

Series of oil coolers comprising water-cooled oil coolers, inverter controlled oil cooling units and inverter controlled chillers.

  • Oil Cooling Unit (type AKZ9)
  • Oil Cooling Unit (type AKJ9)

Positioning Motors

Compact hydromechanical rotary positioning systems featuring high-precision positioning functions.

  • TM Series Positioning Motors

Hydraulic Units

Hydraulic units that satisfy various customer requirements; low noise and low cost for example.

  • Piston Pack
  • NDR Series Rotor Pack


Accessories for hydraulic applications such as stop valves and gauge valves.

  • Stop Valves
  • Stop Valve for Pressure Gauges



Foot supports and piping flanges for pumps and the sub-plates for valves.

  • Foot Supports (for V8)
  • Foot Supports (for V15)
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